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Candida Albicans Yeast Infection Treatment

Natural cure for candida yeast infection

Yeast infection symptoms

March 8th, 2010

A yeast infection can be a very painful and even embarassing problem however it can be quickly remedied with the proper medical understanding. The first step is to deal with the root casue of this infection.

Its normal for all people to have some levels of yeast in their bodies, the problems begin when this yeast level becomes unbalanced. If you develop a yeast infection you can expect to see things like a white coating inside your mouth, a white curdish discharge in the vaginal area followed by an itching sensation.

A yeast infection occurs when a bacteria known as Candida albicans begins growing out of control. This bacteria is naturally occurring around the genitals and in the mouth, if a problem with the immune system develops this bacteria can grow out of control. This bacteria is normally treated with medications designed to kill the Candida  and inhibit its growth. Readily available treatments include vaginal cremes, pills and powders that are available over the counter. These remedies are often used for 1-2 weeks and many times don’t resolve the problem completely.

But how can you be sure that you have a yeast infection? Its simple and it starts with an understanding of the basic yeast infection symptoms. Most women associate a thick white or slightly yellowish vaginal discharge with a yeast infection, this strange discharge may show signs of a starchy odor, this is a good starting point but there are other signs as well.

Normal Yeast Infection Symptoms

·    A burning or itching sensation and swelling around the vagina
·    Vaginal pain during sex
·    A burning feeling when urinating
·    A thick white vaginal discharge that resembles cottage cheese

By being aware of these symptoms you can properly diagnose your condition before things get out of hand. Some of these symptoms can be misleading and may lead to an improper self diagnosis. Many times women become aware of a yeast infection when they begin to have an itchy feeling around their vaginal area, this itching is often followed by a burning sensation. This bacterial infection and inflamation can cause pain during urination due to the swelling that has occurred. Other problems may show similar symptoms and some may be even more serious than a yeast infection so its important to watch the body for any signs of change on a regular basis.

There are other infections, like a urinary tract infection, that may create a similar burning sensation. Its important to pay attention to the specific related to this pain as this can offer clues to the real source of the problem. To determine the cause, carefully notice when the urination pain starts and when it stops. In the case of a yeast infection the burning starts when urine touches the irritated area of the swollen vulva. However in the case of a urinary tract infection, the pain will occur as the urine is heading down the urinary tube. Ultimately it is up to a woman to know her body and what is not right, any strange smells of discharges can be big warning signs.

These are the most common ways to detect a yeast infection, every woman may encounter this problem in a different way. The good news is with properly directed treatment a yeast infection doesn’t have to have hold you down. Be aware of the symptoms early so you can fix the problem early.

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