What is the cause of Candida?

Some home made remedies for controlling Candida

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Candida Albicans Yeast Infection Treatment

Natural cure for candida yeast infection

Candida is the overgrowth of so-called bad yeast in your body. The scientific name for a Candida albicans overgrowth is Candidiasis, but most women more commonly call it a yeast infection. Although everybody has both good and bad yeast, what we eat and other nutritional of health issues can result in an imbalance that permits the bad yeast to take over, thus invading the body and resulting in symptoms that can range from brain fog, sugar cravings, unexplained weight gain, vaginal infections, mood swings, behavioral issues, and even in severe cases organ shutdown.

What is the cause of Candida?

An overgrowth of yeast can be caused by many things, but the most common are diets with too much refined sugar or preservatives and processed foods, and the taking of antibiotics.

Antibiotics kill off good and bad bacteria and frequently set the stage for “bad” yeast growth to overtake good yeast, thus upsetting the delicate balance within the body and your health deteriorates.

Yeast levels may be affected by many circumstances including: taking oral antibiotics. This has a tendency to lower the levels of good bacteria which helps the proliferation of yeast. Taking oral contraceptives or Hormone replacement therapy. Hormonal changes affect the PH balance of the vagina. Regular douching. And a warm moist environment promotes yeast growth. Tight jeans and/or synthetic underwear.

Here are some home made remedies for controlling Candida

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance produced by the good bacteria. When levels of good bacteria fall below desired levels using hydrogen peroxide could lend a helping hand to keep yeast under control.

Boric acid capsules may be used to restore the necessary acidic environment in the vagina. Boric acid capsules are used as suppositories. The heat of the body melts the capsules and releases the Boric acid.

Other treatments that aim to restore acidic balance include cider vinegar, lemon juice or Vitamin C suitably diluted. Douching is not generally recommended in the absence of infection. However, acid douches can be helpful in controlling yeast outbreaks.

Another treatment program we have discovered that is very helpful is the Yeast Infection Away plan created by Crystal McBride. In our next article we will talk about what you can take to cure a yeast infection.

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